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The Christmas Company

**Soon to be a Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas movie!** The Christmas Company is a modern, romantic take on the “Christmas Carol” story. After inheriting his uncle’s company, Clark Woodward wants to shut down the Christmas festival his family owns, seeing it as a waste of money and resources. However, the plucky festival assistant, Kate Buckner, … Continue reading The Christmas Company

Tea and a Cowboy

Cliff Masters could not be more different from his best friend’s younger sister Bridgette Shaw. While he’s out roping cattle at his family’s ranch, she is running a tea parlor in the town square. He loves jeans and dirt; she loves hostess aprons and proper etiquette. But when Cliff’s latest flame breaks up with him … Continue reading Tea and a Cowboy

Society Girl

Sam Dubarry is a cynic. Growing up in the foster system in NYC does that to you. And falling in love is by far the stupidest thing you could do in her opinion. But there’s one thing she craves more than anything—family. The illegitimate American daughter of an English Lord, Sam is desperate to make … Continue reading Society Girl

The Magnolia Sisters

BOOK ONE IN THE HILLSBORO FLOWER FARM SERIES Harper Anderson has a to-do list longer than the Colorado river, and fields of tulips to tend to at her family’s flower farm in Hillsboro County, California. It’s her dream to run the business with her sisters when their father retires, keeping up traditions that began with her … Continue reading The Magnolia Sisters