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Villain Lover


Villain Lover

He’s a supervillain. At least, everyone thinks he is. And she’s a superhero’s dead girlfriend. At least, everyone thinks she’s dead. When the two team up, they discover that love might make heroes of them both…

When Bet Price’s superhero boyfriend leaves her to die in one of those “save the city or save your girlfriend” villain plots, she barely escapes the toxic chemical explosion that’s supposed to take her life. But she doesn’t survive unscathed. Six months later, living in a small town under an assumed identity, she discovers that she’s starting to manifest powers of her own.

Billionaire Vale Cortland - the enemy of her former superhero boyfriend - is trying to erase his evil father’s legacy. Part one of that plan? To capture Bet’s former superhero boyfriend and put him under the microscope so that Vale can use his alien DNA to cure all sorts of human illnesses and defects. When Vale discovers Bet Price’s true identity and the extent of her powers, he offers her a deal: he’ll help her understand and develop her new powers…if she helps him capture her ex-boyfriend.

Bet wants revenge. Vale wants vindication. But as the fake relationship that they concoct to cover up their scheme grows into something more…they both realize that, perhaps, they no longer need to be the villains of their stories anymore. Perhaps, for once, they could be heroes.

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